Friday, 6 March 2009

Retro 3D

I was looking at some work and I found this amazing 3d artist:
dotter_dotter is the username and his real name is Tibori who makes old video games into retro 3d style.

For example, here we have a LCD handheld "FIREMAN FIREMAN" with Mr Game & Watch as the main mascot:
Closeup view of the gameplay.
And here is the sample of Game & Watch in 3D. This is one of my favourite images he done. Here's my guess on how he made it:
  • The character is created in Adobe Illustrator and was imported in 3d applications as a polygon or curve.

  • The buildings obviously modelled from scratched from reference from the old game.

  • He also used depth of field trick on the camera so that we're focusing on Mr Game & Watch while the character below are blurred.

  • He also used Mental Ray render with setting of ray tracing.
Here's another favourite image I like, he made a retro version of Donkey Kong. If you don't know the history behind of Donkey Kong I highly recommend you looking at this: A little history behind videogame.

I really liked the way how the camera view of it. It really does make Mario look small and vunerable.

Here is a character I've looked through Flicker, quite cute I say.

If you remember my previous work in testing 3D pseudo-8-BIT Test.

Anyway I was playing around in Maya and created my 8-Bit character in retro 3d style. I played around with the lighting I only used a Directional Light, Mental Ray and Raytraced options. The lighting is amazing with it's soft shadow touch, however it took me about 5 minutes to render a single frame in HD size even though the polygons are just single face cube. I'm still not sure on how I got the results but hopefully I'll found the reason.

Now I need to concentrate on my storyboard and preproduction for now...

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