Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Original Author - Renjuro Kindaichi
Do not be decieved by the drawing style animation. You may think it aims for kids but trust me it's not!
Haré+Guu is basically like a japanese version of Family Guy but more stranger.There is an episode that was so funny with all the RPG (Role Playing Game) references.

You can watch the full episode below:
Haré+Guu Final - illusion: IX RPG Test Version & illusion: x RPG Pirate Version:

I laughed when Haré said narrates the opening title for the game "why does it have number3." Haré is the Straightman comedian with his normal view of the unrealistic situation.

The idea is simply entering a video game world in order to save your baby brother but heres a little twist Haré is the villian.
The glitch idea was fantastic, switching into different games. I might include it to my film...
It's a great animation because the audiences gets so much involved watching the episode.


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