Sunday, 15 March 2009

Flatpack Festival 09 - Unpacked with David O'Reilly

I'm finished going to the Flatpack Festivals and it is amazing. The last event I went was Shorts of Wall because I worked on a film Momster which was shown and it's great because alot of people said it was good and the good news is that it was nominated in the BAFTA Awards, how cool is that!!

Anyway back to the main topic, in the Unpacked event. The first and best talk featured with David O'Reilly. I've seen his feature short film in Futureshorts and I liked it for it's unique style. Once I've heard the person himself is coming, I've decided to go even when I'm not a morning person.

Please say Something is his film which won a Berlinale award:

"Set in the distant future, this is the story of a troubled relationship between an abusive Mouse and his wife, an intensely emotional cat. "

I didn't know the animator was 23 and he already archeived a film award. Also he already contributed to films Son of Rambow and Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, films I've already seen. It was an honour to meet the person himself and what surprised me is that he is actually a college drop-out and look at his success.

His presentation talk was very interesting and I couldn't help myself writing notes. He was very passionate with film/animation theory and gave some of his thoughts within the industry.
I think one of the messages he made was very useful and that is "Authenticity".
Oh yeah the time lapse print screening seems really cool when he showed the process of Please Say Something.

I've spoke to him after his talk and man was it cool. I've asked whether the 3/4 perspective camera was inspired by video games but he replied saying that Jason (John Arne Sæterøy) and Chris Ware known for their comic book are the inspiration.

Some of the things he made me thought about is the rendering for the film in 3d application. For example, Aliased Pixel is where it has no smooth mesh, no motion blur, no raytracing or complex shading.

You can read his interview from the Berlinale Awards:


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