Thursday, 12 March 2009

We are the strange

You can watch the whole film on youtube:

Directed by M. dot Strange

"We Are the Strange focuses on "two diametrically opposed outcasts" as they "fight for survival in a sinister fantasy world." These two outcasts are an abused woman named Blue who has a mysterious degenerative disease and a living doll named eMMM.
The two meet in the Forest of Still Life, where Blue follows eMMM to Stopmo City on a search for his ideal ice cream parlor. Upon arriving in Stopmo City, they are caught in the middle of a fierce battle between bizarre monsters, making their progress difficult. Thankfully, a hero named Rain appears and easily destroys every monster that faces him. Blue meets Rain before he partakes in an "impossible battle against the source of all that is evil in Stopmo City." During the battle, Rain, along with Ori are crushed by Him after Rain states he wants to avenge his son. When the outlook seems grim, a fist made of aluminum foil breaks through the ground and starts the final showdown between good and evil.

Six alternate soundtracks and author's commentary, including soundtrack by Noise Inc. are available on the DVD. The music used in We Are the Strange Trailer has been made by chiptune artist YERZMYEY/AY-RIDERS (a cover of t.A.T.u.'s "30 minut") using ZX Spectrum computer."

Apparently it took 3 years to complete this film all made my M. dot Strange himself besides from the music. personally it Very inspirational when it was shown first on youtube then got enlisted in festivals.
It uses a combination of Stop motion, CGI and green screen effect to create this film.

Probably the most weirdest abstract film I've ever seen, I'm not sure whether Kings of Power 4 Billion % or We are the strange is weirder but they're pretty much at the same wavelength.

But in narrative, it's so hard to absorb the story and reaction. I really tried watching the whole film but ended up skipping alot and in the end I really tried to like it but...

I'm starting to lose the point it gets to be too much and is weak in the area of getting the viewer involved with the characters and story. Very little of the story is explained, so you can get lost in a hurry and never recover. After a while, I found myself not caring what was happening and just attempted to enjoy the strange visuals and sound- effects.

I really like the intro of the film, introducing all the cast of the character defining who is evil or good and the cameraman is defined as netural representing us.


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