Saturday, 28 March 2009

Work Check in week 7

I had my work check yesterday with my tutor Kelvin and I have to say it went OK besides from the lack of visual development of my storyboard.

One of the concern was adding the 3d animaton, what purpose does it give? Does it represent the game character self-aware.
I've also shown my mood board samples and the reaction was pretty good, people said they liked "Quirky style", "The old television scanline."

I've shown people my opening credits.
The reaction was very surprising, people actually wanted to watch it more than once! I mean it only shows the uni logo and my name and people liked it.
My theory is that the sound and image right at the beginning created an emotional response, it created a nostalgic response.

So overall I need to finish the concept such as the storyboard and animatic asap so I can get started on the production side.
My main concern whether people would get my story but I need get it sorted.

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