Thursday, 26 March 2009

MGS4 - Revived Trailer

First of all, I didn't post anything yesterday because of a certain party I had to attend. So I pretty much broke the cycle...

Hideo Kojima is a genius when it comes to making video game. He is well known for his creation Metal Gear Solid series. I remember when I first watched this trailer, they first shown the history of Metal Gear Solid from the playstation era to the newest form in Smash Bros: Brawl.

And yes Kojima, I did like it.

Watch it below:

It created an emotional response when I watched it, I remembered when I first played the playstation game and the Gamecube Version until they shown the new videos of the PS3 MGS4. I was amazed and speechless and so many memories resurfaced.

I really liked the transition of the Playstation Snake to the old Snake near the end. I looked framed by framed to see how they done it and I've found out that it was a quick fade away so the transition looks natural.

And yes Hideo Kojima knows how to tease the fans.

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