Thursday, 5 March 2009

Renew Aims, Learning Outcome & Video Pitch

I know this should of been done ages ago but I finally got it sorted:

My Aims:
I aim is to create a short animation film. In the end I want the film to be used for my portfolio/show reel and hopefully would be shown in film festivals.
My primary objective is to show my visual narrative skills in story telling because I’ve feel that a lot of student work tend to focus more about the visual rather than the narration.
My secondary objective is to make the finish piece look professionally made. I want show my technical skills in applications such as Flash and 3d applications so I can show my abilities in animating, modelling and visual effects.

Quick concept:
My inspiration comes from early video game culture such as the 8 bit era because I’ve grew up playing game and it’s a world I know and became a crucial part of my childhood.
To explore the relationship between the gamer and the game character.

  • The world is seen through as a video game, from the 8bit to the current generation of gaming.
  • My target audience would be mature teenager to adult because I feel that people who grew up playing video game would feel nostalgic and reminisce the past.

Learning Outcome:
Here are some of my learning outcome:

  • My principle is keep things simple so that my narrative/storytelling skills will be well received, in other words to successfully communicate to the audiences.
  • I hope to achieve to a simple story that is told in a unique way that can entertain and possibly.
  • To show my 3 years worth of study in Visual Communication.

Here's my finalized Video pitch:

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