Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Trapped in an environment

So far I'm not progressing as well as I thought. I seriously need to concentrate with the pen & paper!!
Anyway I've looked at some of the animation that was recommended to me.

Knick Knack
Directed by John Lasseter

Knick Knack is one of Pixar's earlier short animation piece.
What makes this a great animation is that it has simplicity in it. The character snowman has an objective to be set free (Sounds familiar to my idea) from the globe so he can reach to the babes.

Along the way there is obstacles, his method of escape is unsuccessully such as a blowtorch and high explosives.
He almost succeeds in the end until the globe falls on top of him which caused a dramatic emotional response.

Animator vs. Animation
Directed and Animated - Alan Becker

Animator vs. Animation is an animation made entirely out of Flash. It uses basic stickman, it struggles with its surrounding and creator. I like how the ending ended, with the creator ended the application.

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