Saturday, 14 March 2009

Vocational Studies - week 1

Vocational Studies just started this week, the live brief is basically animating Birmingham City University Employer Engagement.

Apparently the script isn't ready but the second year of Viscom are working on it with the professional Script writer.

They're expecting a motion graphics video to promote our university, but I reckon I can make something more to their expectation.
The good thing is that, we're be in groups and I'll be working in the CGI group.

One of our task is to think of making visuals of the work Creative Community.
And We've have to come up with 15 frames for the visual animation.
My concept:

And here are stuff I've made in Maya for the last couple of days:

I've made the mind bubble from Illustrator and imported it into Maya. The background is a nurb plane with paper texture.
Raytracing shadows are amazing but takes ages to render. The idea comes from the art direction of paper mesh or traditional materials and Little Big planet.

Cavell Ord Shrimpton (one of the new motion graphics tutor) suggested me to change the mind bubble texture into more cardboard based so I later did and it looks sweet. She also suggest the background have some creative stuff in it such as finger painting or face paint.

At the moment, my ideas are little black stickmans all gather (therefore community) would all mind bubble of the same thing and a lightbulb appears (An idea/creativity) and it rotates revealing the text Creative community.

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