Monday, 2 March 2009

3D pseudo-8-BIT Test

Holy crap, we're already at week 4. It's insane how time goes by so quickly when things just started to pick up the pace. Oh how I am alreadydreading this.
I've been inspired by the game Fez by the developer Polytron, Fez won the "Excellence in Visual Art" award at the Independent Games Festival in 2008heres a trailer:

What I liked about it is the way it used optical illusions to create a Escher effect.
Check out the website in:
I've made my character in flash and exported it as a png file.
Here I've started to place some 3d stuff like floor and buildings in Maya. I used Maya because it is more animation friendly compared it 3d studio max. The reason I used png file to export because Maya can detect the transparent background automatically.
Why is alpha mapping such a pain in the ass in Maya!? I have no idea to solve the whole lighting ray tracing issue here.

And finally I've tested in 3d studio max, here is the side view camera. I think it captured the right view of a side platformer game.
And finally I've done a perspective view of the above image.

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