Sunday, 22 February 2009

Student Short Films

I've been recently looking at student short films that involves with any video game and I've found two so far.

Frustrating Nostalgia

Directed and animated by Warren Dunlop.

From this 2 minute film, I can tell that the theme of the film is frustration just as the title calls itself. What I liked about it is that the whole experience of the Game cartridge doesn't work on the NES is absolutely true. I had this experience and had to blow out the dusk many times in order to play game back in the days. Now I feel old because I said that. lol.
However watching this short animation film wasn't really exciting, I mean it follows the theory of many attempts and fails in the end. But it does communicate the idea of nostalgic and I did reminisce as I watched it through so I give credit to Warren who did archieve empathy.
There were times when I was confused while watching like the edited scene of the character and the screen.

The CGI animation was created in 3d application, the modelling of the NES AND game cartridge are very well built. I didn't really liked the character design.
The animation was stiff at most time especially there were close up on the hand, the hand wasn't rigged properly.


Directed by Samuel Lopez De Victoria III.

This short film is just wierd, I didn't really get whats exactly going on with the story but I guess it's trying to portray the mind of a video game addict.
The character went inside the 8 bit world didn't look that good, I mean the world is bright and colourful and it's good but the whole green screen put me off.

Speaking of live action and 8bit combinaton I like to mentioned about this street artwork I've found, it looks visually pleasing with the pixel water.

It just shows that you don't really need to use a computer t0 produce 8 bit effect. For example you can, produce a stop motion animation. The 8 bit effect can be created by blocks of lego to give a video game effect.


I like to note that Samuel also done another 8 bit project about a knight trying to climb up the castle.

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