Friday, 27 February 2009

Some Video Game Console Ad

Once again I was looking through the Internet and I found an interesting article WTF commercials. I've picked some of the funny ones and how ridiculous it looks when we look back.

Atari 2600 - Centipede

From what I've been told, this ad has no relation or connection to the game itself. Heck if I watched it back in the 80s I would of thought this was some horror flick. Giant Atari anthropod attacks the 80s and tricks woman into bed for steamy insect love.

Atari 2600 Advert
Song with sinister sexual subtext? Check. Retarded static images? Check. Breakout screen replica created using fuzzy felt?

Odysee 1973 Magnavox

The graphics looks really awful on these console.
Final Note: Geography is a game!?

Sega Mega Drive ad in 1992

I found it funny when it says it's the "most advance machine" because that is a contridiction. It done a good job of transporting the scientist to the virtual game world in terms of visual and it does sell the idea of how advance it was back in the 90's.

NES Advert

"Real pictures that come out and hit you in the face!" I had one of these and I don't really recall being hit by it in the face or maybe it has which explains why I have no recollection of memories and why my parents gave it away...

XBOX First Advert:

I remember this ad back around 2000. It got banned because the slogan is "Life is too short, play more." I mean it tries to promote XBOX but it gave the wrong communication to the audience and this is why it got banned. Nothing sells consoles like a rapidly aging man flying through the stratosphere.

Fanmade "Wii Transform" Commercial:

This fanmade made video is trying to sellout the Nintendo Wii. It shows the evolution of nintendo home console because the project of Wii was originally called "Project revolution". I liked how the animation played out when it transfrom into different console. I'm wondering if they used keyframe vertex?

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