Wednesday, 18 February 2009

My Aims & Video Pitch

Hi, I haven't posted at all because partly because I'm not really sure I'm doing, Bad start already!! Simplicity is the way to go!!! Also I should stick with a working schedule this time because last time was a disaster.

However I learnt that my research and analysis was one of my strong point so I've got to keep that flowing but I have to change the way I work.

Ok Straight to the main topic.
Here is my Video Pitch but I'm still re-editing it:

My Aims:
I aim is to create a short animation film.
My primary objective is to show my visual narrative skills in story telling because I’ve feel that a lot of student work tend to focus more about the visual rather than the narration.
My secondary objective is to make the finish piece look professionally made.
My inspiration comes from early video game culture such as the 8 bit era.
My target audience would be mature teenager to adult because I feel that people who grew up playing video game would feel nostalgic and would feel reminisce.

Learning Outcome:

  • To successfully communicate to the audiences.
  • To show my 2 years worth of study in Visual Communication.
  • Characterization

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