Saturday, 28 February 2009

Quite Random but still kewl

Once again looking at visual references or inspirations for my own project.

Syke makes life like a videogame!

Director & Animated by Paul Robertson

I've actually seen some of Paul works and he used 16 bit graphics video game for his animation piece. Though there isn't a narrative storytelling that I can really follow but there is so many video game references for his work.

He also done a short film called Kings of Power 4 Billion % but I will write a post about it soon.

It brings me to another attention when I watched the Mario & Bowser from "Syke makes life like a videogame!" Seth MacFarlane (Family guy creator) made a parody to the Mario franchise:

Super Mario Rescues The Princess: Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade:

I just laughed so hard when I first watched this because it took a more realistic approach to the game with it's dark humour. It makes us think why Princess Peach gets kidnapped so many times.

And the classic Mario Cartoon series:

Children shouldn't even watch the above clip when this aims for children. It also makes me wonder whether playing video games for ages would make us hallucinate and distort our view of reality?

The Meth Minute 8-Bit

"Episode 33 of the Meth Minute asks the question "What if the entire cartoon series so far had been a 1980's video game?". We asked 8-Bit specialists Ben Ross (visuals) and Niko Anesti (music) to step in and explore this scenario. Every single Meth Minute character appears in arcade-vision and the result is an all-time high score."

I also seen these guys work and they are so funny and it was good to see all their work displayed as a 8 bit video game.

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