Saturday, 21 February 2009

8 bit music video

Here are a few music videos, I've been looking at with inspiration of 8 bit video game style.

The Lost Levels - The Early Sheets

"The video took four months to complete, with much of that taken up rendering the 'real world' sequence. The whole thing was created on a single PC, using Nevercenter Silo for modelling and Maya for animation, texturing and rendering. The video was then edited together in Sony Vegas."

I really like this music video because it brings a nostaglic feeling with the basic visual graphics of a video. It later uses different camera angle rather than the generic side view, it captures a great mood and went in synch with the beats of the 8bit music.
I can tell that when the game character enters the vector world, it was inspired by Tron for the neon glow.

Check out the bands myspace account:

Junior Senior - Move Your Feet

Quite an old music video made in 2003 but it has a unique style back then. It uses very bright colour to simulate the brain to think that the blocky imagery looks pretty. I'm not sure which applications it was used but I'm guessing it used Flash.

Wintergreen - When I Wake Up

Director: Keith Schofield

"Music video tells story of Atari's E.T. game debacle. An indie band has made a music video featuring the story of the misbegotten Atari E.T. game cartridge. The game stank on ice and millions of copies were buried in a landfill."

Keith Schofield used the back story of ET game, the game wasn't entertaining so Atari decided to bury them in the desert. The band goes digging for these poorly designed game.

YMCK: Aesthetics For The 8bit Generation
I read an internet on Pingmag about a band who uses 8bit visual:

Basically YMCK is a Japanese band who uses 80's video game as an inspiration.

Go YMCK, Go:

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