Thursday, 19 February 2009

A bit of research

Here are some inspiration videos I've looked up.

Jetmoto 2 commercial

Jetmoto 2 is a playstation game but the idea of the relationship between the gamer and the game character is unique. The theme is waiting and frustration, the gamer is an old lady who doesn't respond or move while the other characters are experiencing fast speed adrenaline . Until the game character comes out and complains to the gamer who reveals to be a old lady which makes the audience laugh when she just doesn't want to move.

Gaming Face

Photograper Robbie Cooper shows us all just how focused young gamers can be while playing with actual clips of kids of various ages while they're playing games.I can tell that VF5, GTA:IV, Call of Duty 4, Fallout 3, Star Wars: Battlefront and Gears of War are being played.

This makes us wondering what are the side effects of exposing violence games to children. Now I'm wondering what is my gaming face.

The Dark Knight for 8-bit Nintendo

This is what if The Dark Knight was made for Nintendo Entertainment System in 8 bit style. Animation produced by Macbee. Original Music by Vic Sagerquist. Batman and all related characters are trademarks of DC Comics

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