Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Project status & Schedule

I haven't talked much about my project so this blog post will do for now.

One of my ideas was telling daily routine in a 8bit video game. There we will have options to "What if" situations and the next thing leads to a split screen showing different scenerios but it all ends with the same linear ending.
One of my inspiration comes from The Black Dog's Progress:

Director – Stephen Irwin

"A series of flipbooks tell the sad story of the Black Dog."
What I liked about it is that the story builds up and it connects to a bigger piece. It uses the technique where the audience would try and put the narrative of different flipbooks linking together.

My other inspiration comes from Consoul:Director – Lasse Gjertsen
"A man's life told in 8-bit video game graphics"

When the split screen comes in, the screen will split into 4 screens (reference to multiplayer gaming) and three other screens will be in three different style from 16bit, 32/64 bit and the current generation of gaming. However the current generation screen will be loading throughout the split screen (reference to the large amount of data of todays gaming), it was planned so that the only when the three screens finishes their scenario it would lead to the current gen screen revealing the ending.

A quick moodboard on how the split screen is going to work (Mario by Nintendo):

I quite like the idea but this is only personal opinion but I have to be realistic here. First of all, I feel that doing 4 different styles will be very time consuming after looking at the schedule and it would be impossible since I'm going to design and animating them all. Secondly do these different style serve a purpose.

I also need to think of a simple story and what am I trying to communicate exactly. Now I'm scratching my head.

Here's my rough schedule of my gant chart. Just shows how time is precious is right now so I better get cranking.

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