Saturday, 28 February 2009

Nexus Productions Coca-Cola

The guys at Nexus Productions have done it again! I was reading this article here: and was amazed on the effects and the visual on making the short commerical.

I remember I first seen their work, they've done a parody to Grand Theft Auto series for a Coke commercial which was later used for the promotional release for GTA IV when it came out. Check the video below:

GTA Coca-Cola:

It used GTA reference like the driving car and map navigation system in the beginning. Later it used the 3rd person camera view following the main character around the block doing good deeds.

It first started resembling GTA game until the main character grabs a Coca-Cola which makes the audience feel confused and surprised.
The whole environment changes to a brighter and happier mood with it's cheerful musical. Obviously the whole commercial is made in 3d animation. It used techniques like matt painting to reduce the rendering and it recycled using the side characters.


"The most meaningful peer-to-peer connections happen face to face. "

I think this would be my second favourite Nexus production commercial they've done (First goes the GTA one). They've really captured how technology becomes so important in our life in communication and how we secretly want to be.
when people look at a cell phone or computer, they turn into an avatar (a digital charactiature of themselves). they also become unaware of the outside world. personal communication shows your personality while digital communication just hides it. But it also comes to my attention whether technology suppress how we express our true emotions and sincerity towards people.

And I think what the Coca-Cola trying to say that by giving Coca-Cola, we can physically able to express our feelings, perhaps?

The sound track is “Stranger in the Crowd” performed by Cee-Lo Green of Gnarls Barkley (and originally made famous by Elvis Presley).

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