Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Other ways of recreating 8 bit style

I've been randomly looking at video/films that are inspired by 8 bit video game culture. I've found an interesting piece, most 8 bit video are replica of the older generation graphics but this one is made in stop motion which I found it inspiring.

Neotericz - Ositos

Director: Marina Spinelli
Music: Buenos Aires chipster

This was clearly done in stop motion and the message towards the audience is so clear. The objective is to help protect the endangered whales and fishes. The character design is very cute that it ranges from all ages.

"Neotericz made using gameboy, midiNES (8-bit nintendo and some vst technology)"

I've posted this image in my previous post and I think the idea of stopmotion is really inspirational but for my final film I want to show my skills in 3d and flash.

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