Friday, 1 May 2009

Tutorial & The Angry Video Game Nerd (Sounds like Beauty & the Beast)

Eh yesterday tutorial was somewhat OK, however one of the attentions that was brought up was can my film appeal to other audience? It's hard to say when many people don't play games much. One of my notes was that it had potential for comedy and was to always reflect on my aims and learning outcome.
But the success of my tutorial is that my work so far looks very technical, I mean one of the issues was that people's work was too vector/too cleaned and my old television effect clearly worked.

Below is the Angry Video Game Nerd. He is a fouled mouth game reviewer who reviews only old classic games.

It brought to my attention that early video game requires you to use your imagination because of the blocky graphics while today everything has to be photo realistic.

Whats useful is how he discuss how terrible and how nostalgic are these games in a humorous way.

Also games in the 80's don't have spell check so there are many problems with the spelling.

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