Tuesday, 26 May 2009

3 Days Countdown!!

Here is an update of my short film, I fixed the problem with my computer crashing while using the Digieffects plugin for After effects. Basically I had to render the glitch scenes in jpeg sequence and re-import them in my composition. It's a hassle but I've got it done.
Check out the screen shot below:

Scenes that I need to do:

  1. Paranoid Scene
  2. Running away from screen
  3. The button scene
  4. The 3d transition

The 2d scenes are almost finish, the other scenes aren't that difficult to animate comapred to the gameplay scene. The thing with 8-bit, because of the limitation of the technology they're had to make everything in it's simplistic form including animation, music and visual. With animation, the limitation of 8-bit only allowed most game in the early generation 3 frames to move.

Funny thing is that I had self doubt about me finishing the whole film but now that I've done most scenes, I feel rather confident in finishing everything.

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