Friday, 22 May 2009

Animating in progress

With a week left, my aim is to get my animation done by Tuesday so I have to get this done as soon as possible and also meaning I won't be getting any much sleep.
The game play intro scene is probably the most tedious and has to be tweeked alot. But I actually enjoyed making it. I had to use alot motion tweening, motion guide, movie clips etc.

As you can see I'm using existing game character for now as I can easily trace on top of it.

Here is the scene where the hero goes off screen away from the viewers:
The thing I'm annoyed with After Effects is that with swf files, after effects can't read the movie clips so I have to export it as quicktime and this means that it reduces the quality but luckually my old tv vfx covers it up.

The text narration scene in the beginning is completed and I had to set the timing alot so that people can read it. But I couldn't found the sfx for the dotting sound when text is playing out.
Here is the sound I'm looking for when text is rolled out:

I've found this application that produces 8-bit video game sfx:

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