Monday, 4 May 2009

More 8-bit crazed Music Video

Mindless Self Indulgence - Animal

Director - M dot Strange

Beck - Bad Cartridge

Director by Wyld File
The song is a remix of one of Beck's more recent hits, E-Pro. The remix was done using the Game Boy sound chip, so direction of the video seems a no-brainer. The fake game itself in the video is honestly pretty hard to follow and would probably get a 5 or a 6. Hopefully you enjoyed this video and did not have an epileptic fit because of it.

Dealership - Forest

Director - Aaron Novak

We wanted to keep this list confined to real videos made with the artists' involvement, but we're including this independently made one for Dealership's Forest, a song about Zelda (just listen to the words). It's a an adorably false NES game set to a song about Zelda for a band with one member, Jane Pinckard, a former games journalist and current industry professional. It is almost too meta to exist.

Xiu Xiu--Boy Soprano

Director - Jose Perez III

This song might be too out there for some listeners, as omnisexual group Xiu Xiu (pronounced shoe-shoe) prefers odd noisemakers and off-tempo beats to a clear verse-chorus-verse set-up. Also, even with a lyric sheet, we still aren't too sure what singer Jamie Stewart and his bandmate/cousin Caralee McElroy mean in the song.
But the video is pretty straightforward, right? It's the one on this list most suited to the theme, as it's a complete play-through of the fake 8-bit Xiu Xiu game, from start screen to game over. However, the blurbs of character dialogue are strange and the game itself is depressing. We'd give it a 4, because it also looks frustrating.

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