Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Whats happening so far in Project 8-bit

Yesterday I went to print some postcards and they look sweet.

I've finalised my idea, my original idea was to have visuals of different video game generation but after realizing that it is going to be impossible to do everyone of them, I've decided to stick with the 2d 8-bit look. Mostly because I'm listening to Kelvin advice to keep the quirky 8-bit style.
However I will keep the 3d elements where they will be a seemingless transition between the 2d and 3d.
I'm using the theory of showing something closeup then slowly revealing the whole which will cause an emotional response of awe. This theory was based on the Flatpacked Festival in the Unpacked - Reverse Engineering with Jim Le Fevre and Nic Rawling.

Narration wise, I've changed it abit but it still have the original story where the hero of the game tries to get away from the user. But I've improve areas such as the interactive between the user and the character.

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