Thursday, 30 April 2009

The glitch scene in production

It's the end of April, just thinking back that this project started like February/March and now it's coming to the end. But luckally the deadline is pusheed back a week but it doesn't mean I can relax but I have to hasten myself.

Without spoiling too much, the glitch scene will have a Red screen of death. Something that anybody experience from games and computers.
I used Fractual noise effects to create a TV noise.

I also downloaded this cool plugin called digieffects damage. It is an After Effects Plugin that allows you to create damage/corrupted clips. I've also looked at Hex Editor, that allows you reduce the bytes of files and giving them a corrupted file look. I gave it a go but I couldn't figure out how to use it.

I have to mention Metal Gear Solid because the battle with Pyscho Mantis (Boss of the level) was just beyond words. When it was released alot of people thought how to defeat him when he knows the player's control. Simply switch the controller port and the screen screen changes to below:
It reveals Hideo in an AV channel mode which I thought to myself at that time, the game switched off. You can watch the battle clip below:

Also from Metal Gear Solid series, in the second game there is a bit where Snake has to load up the old computer:

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