Monday, 20 April 2009

Back from Easter

It's really hard to get back in gear after the Easter Holidays but I'm trying really hard to work.

First of all I've asked a couple of people to look at my intro of my film and the comments are really positive.
I asked Duncan who said "It feels really nostalgic because I grew up with that era of games." So my aim was already archieved within the first 30 seconds of my short film and I'm happy with it.
He really helped by saying that the scanline effect wasn't too stood out and it blended in very well or it made eye strain.

Oh yeah I decided to name my film G.U.4, when you pronounce G.U. (Jiyuu) it means freedom in Japanese "自由", the 4 number is just a parody of sequels of game leading to 4 and up.
My thoughts of of name consist of:
  • Generation-up 4
  • Glitch-up 4
  • Game-Up 4
  • Game-unlockable 4
  • Ghost-User 4

I pretty much almost finish the menu interface besides from the name.

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