Friday, 3 April 2009

Game Covers

I've noticed that when I hand in work it's always a last minute burn DVD so I don't go for the extra mile. But this time will be different. For example I am going to make a DVD cover for my final thing.

I've looked at Kotaku website and found this interesting article that someone is making classical covers of modern games:

The person who started this creative repackaging is Olly Moss.

I really like the texture of the game covers and also the simplicity of design, colour and layout.

Here are some real classic Artari Game covers, so I can have a reference:

I also looked at another article about making fake atari games:

And finally a tutorial on how to make a artari game cartridge on photoshop:


  1. Really enjoyed some of these covers above. The Doom and half life covers in particular.

  2. I saw this and thought you might be interested. Just a bit of fun.

  3. Alright cheers Alec for that, I really like the link you gave me.